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ADR Training

Domestic and International Arbitration and Mediation

Mr. Levit has completed hundreds of hours of specialized arbitrator and mediator training. Among these are attendance at the College of Commercial Arbitrators Annual Meetings, 2009-2023; CPR Annual Meetings, 2003-2009 and 2020-2022; 2023 AAA/ICDR Panel Conference; 2021 AAA/ICDR Panel Conference, Impartiality: Do You Know Where Your Biases Are? AAA Cyber Security: A Shared Responsibility 2019; 2020 CPR Online Zoom Mediation Training; 2019 AAA/ICDR/AAA Mediation.Org Panel Conference; AAA Arbitrator Performance and Demeanor: Meeting Participant Expectations, 2018; AAA When Experts Come from Different Planets, 2017; 2016 ICDR International Symposia in Advanced Case Management Issues; 2016 AAA/ICDR/Mediation.org Panel Conference; AAA Impasse Mediating in the "Red Zone," 2015; AAA Writing Arbitration Awards: A Guide for Arbitrators, 2014; AAA Managing the Arbitration Process, 2012; AAA Maximizing Efficiency and Economy In Arbitration 2011; AAA Chairing an Arbitration Panel: Managing Procedures, Process & Dynamics, 2011, 2010 and 2005; AAA/ICDR Neutrals Conference, 2009; AAA/ICDR International Arbitration Symposium 2006; AAA Neutrals Conference, 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2003; AAA Arbitrator Ethics & Disclosure 2006; AAA Arbitration Awards: Safeguarding, Deciding & Writing Awards, 2003; AAA Arbitrator Update 2003, 2001; AAA Central Case Management Center, Administrative Issues Workshop, 2001; AAA Commercial Arbitrator II Training: Advanced Case Management Issues, 2001; AAA International Arbitrator Training, 2000; AAA Commercial Arbitrator Training 1999; AAA Advanced Mediator Training 2010; CPR Advanced Mediator Training, 2009; ADR Associates LLC, Mediator Training, 2003; as well as various other ADR training.

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